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Mentorship Program for Civil Society Organizations

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Establishing an association


An association may be established by individuals and legal entities. An association may be founded by at least 5 founders, whereby at least three of the founders must have a domicile or residence, or head office on the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia (RNM).


A citizens’ association may be established by minors over the age of 15, through a statement of consent for the establishment of an association by their legal representative, for the purposes for which the association is being established in accordance with legislation. Founders and members of an organization according to law can be foreign persons who carry the same rights and obligations as domestic persons, unless otherwise provided by law.


An association will be incorporated at a founders’ assembly. A founding act, program and statute are adopted at the founders’ assembly and the bodies of the association are elected. The association acquires the status of a legal entity with the entry in the register maintained by the Central Register of RNM. The registration is carried out by submitting an application for registration within 30 days from the day of the adoption of the founding act.

Required documentation:


In addition to these documents, the following shall be submitted in support of the application for establishment:

  • Invitation to convene the founding assembly (invitation to the founding assembly and initiative committee)
  • Certified signature form (ZP) for the President of the association
  • ID card photocopies from the founders (physical persons), and a copy of the current status for legal entities with a written authorization by the legal entity for inclusion as founder of the association, authorization of the person present at the founding assembly and accession to the legal entity as the founder of the association;
  • List of members of the Association (all members in total), certified by the President of the association
  • List of present members of the founding assembly, signed by each person present
  • ID card photocopy of the representative/representatives by law (legal entities)
  • Approval by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of RSM insofar as the word “Macedonia” and the words derived from it are contained in the name of the association, as well as its abbreviations
  • Approval by the competent body of the Municipality, i.e the City of Skopje, if in the name of the association there are words with the name of the Municipality, i.e the City of Skopje.


Other forms related to the founding an association and change recording:

Minutes for amendments to the Statute
Minutes of the Assembly – dismissal of the member of the Managing Board
Minutes of the Managing Board and decisions to change the President
Decision for adoption of the consolidated text of the Statute
Decision to adopt the Statute
List of present members (assembly)


Rulebook for Human Resources management
Rulebook for admission to membership
Rulebook for communication and internal conduct
Rulebook for recruitment (PROVISION ON THE NEED FOR EMPLOYEES)
Rulebook for disciplinary procedure
Rulebook for awards and acknowledgements
Rules for volunteering
Gender equality policy
Mobbing – information for employees
Mobbing – responsibilities for employers
Mobbing – Statement
List of documents – Employee file
Application form for the association
Consent to perform – Minor volunteer
Volunteering hours form
Employment termination agreement
Decision on expiry of Article 64
Decision on employment termination with notice



Rulebook for personal data protection
Rulebook for obligations and responsibilities of the administrator
Rulebook on technical and organizational measures to ensure secrecy and protection in the processing of personal data
Rulebook on backing up, archiving and storage, and the recovery of stored personal data
Video surveillance policy
Rulebook on destruction of documents, deletion and cleaning of media
Rulebook for reporting, reaction and remediation of incidents
Plan and instructions for technical and organizational measured – personal data
Authorization for personal data processing
Statement of secrecy and protection of processing – video survelliance
Statement of confidentiality and personal data protection
Record sheet for persons authorized to process personal data



Employee Agreement
Service Agreement for consulting services
Service Agreement
Volunteering Agreement
Lease Agreement
Internship Agreement