Regional and international cooperation


MYLA is the founder and member ofPicture1 1

The Balkan Refugee and Migration Council (BRMC) is a coalition of five civil society organizations from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia. The members of the coalition are prominent civil society organizations with specific competencies demonstrated through many years of work in the field of asylum and migration policy at national and regional level.

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Since 2017 MYLA is part of  1615328447 87083ada7069954983a7


Notable achievements:


  • A judgment rendered by ECHR thereby establishing a violation of the refugee’s right.
  • Interim measure adopted by the ECHR for violation of the refugee’s right – detention of refugees
  • MYLA Intervention as an concerned party in a case before the ECHR
  • MYLA has formed a group of lawyers for strategic litigation in the field of asylum (SLAG)
  • MYLA has formed a group of lawyers who monitor the migration movements, access to the territory and the principle of non-refoulment by the state (Antenna Lawyers)
  • Support to the asylum and case registration system in the last few years, including the refugee/ migrant crisis since 2015