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Working meeting: Challenges in the integration of refugees and stateless persons in Macedonia

On 18.10.2016 in Skopje, MYLA held a working meeting where the challenges in the integration of refugees and stateless persons in the country were discussed.

Vladimir Ristovski, a lawyer in MYLA, spoke about the current situation and challenges in the process of naturalization of refugees in the Republic Macedonia on the basis of legal residence and marriage, and the rights of refugee children and their challenges in the asylum procedure and integration in Macedonia.
Aleksandra Efremova, also a lawyer in MYLA, talked about the risks of statelessness in Macedonia and presented the video on statelessness in Macedonia intended to raise awareness about statelessness. Efremova continued with presenting the Regional research on statelessness.

Among those present were representatives of MoI, MLSP, the Office of the High Commissioner of the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR), JUMCRS, RIC Tetovo, FRMSP, NGO Lil, NGO Umbrella and SOS Children’s Village. Also present were people who daily face problems due to lack citizenship who told their stories and the challenges that they routinely face. For more photos, please click here.



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