Communicating Migrations- Cooperation or Challenge Between CSOs and the Media

At the invitation of MYLA and the UNHCR office in Skopje, several civil society organizations from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary participated in a panel discussion to discuss the challenges and experiences from the cooperation between CSOs and the media in dealing with stereotypes and the new reality created by contemporary migration in the region and Europe.


Participants were invited to share and exchange experiences, both good and bad, and to consider potential new ways and approaches on how civic organizations can communicate effectively with the media and the various audiences on migration and the changes that they bring.

The discussion focused on several issues, such as whether the media is an ally or a challenge in the cooperation with civil society organizations; how CSOs communicate with the media on the topic of migration, what kind of activities are being carried out to influence public opinion; and whether organizations use strategic communications in their advocacy efforts. The dynamic discussion resulted in a general consensus that migration is an important topic that should be discussed constructively by following facts, and that the debate must not encourage xenophobia and support stereotypes.