A decision determining sex change has been adopted by the Administrative Court of the RM

After holding a public hearing on 22.09.2017, the Administrative Court of the Republic of Macedonia on 25.09.2017 adopted and published a Decision that determines sex change. The Court obliges the Office for management of registers of births, marriages and deaths, Ministry of Justice of RM, to change the data in the Birth Registry by annulling the current personal identification number.

The Administrative Court instructed the Ministry of Interior of RM to issue a new personal ID number within 3 (three) days after the amendments of the data in the birth registry occurs. This is a first Decision where with full jurisprudence the Administrative Court decided on data modification of the data in the birth registry according to the factual sex change of a transgender person.

The procedure for sex change of a transgender person in the Birth Registry was supported by the Macedonian Young Lawyers Association within the Project “Human rights protection of marginalized groups in Macedonia”. The case, before the Administrative Court, was litigated by MYLAs affiliated Attorney at law Mr. Zarko Hadzi Zafirov.  

A considerable contribution for the success of the procedure was made by Association for critical approach to gender and sexuality – Subversive Front Skopje, MYLA’s long term collaborator.

By strategically litigating before the competent courts and other state institutions, MYLA continues to strive for effective protection of human rights, contributing for positive practices that will lead to changes in society.