The Macedonian Young Lawyers Association (MYLA) is an independent, non-profit professional organization founded in 2003 that provides legal assistance and strategic advocacy for human rights protection. With the knowledge and innovative capacities of young practitioners, MYLA aims to promote and promote the rule of law and influence public policy through the preparation of research and analysis. MYLA strives for a society in which the rule of law is established and people are proactively fighting for respect for their fundamental freedoms and rights.

MYLA is a leading organization and reliable actor in society that protects human rights and advocates for the rule of law, using the innovation and capacity of young lawyers.
MYLA is a non-profit organization that provides legal assistance, builds capacity, fosters public policy and law enforcement, advocates for the protection and respect of human rights and legal certainty.
MYLA Strategic Goals 2019-2021

1. Legal strengthening and protection of basic human rights and needs
2. Promoting the rule of law and harmonizing national policies with EU law
3. Improving the quality of institutions’ services to citizens
4. Strengthening the professionalism, expertise and integrity of young lawyers

The organization focuses on the following three programs:

First aid
Legal education
Research and analysis
MYLA Target Groups:

victims of human rights violations,
marginalized groups,
civil society organizations,
public institutions
MYLA provides legal assistance for:

• Asylum seekers and refugees
• Migrants
• Stateless persons
• Victims of human trafficking
• Victims of human rights violations
• Victims of discrimination
• Socially and financially endangered persons
• Children
• Prisoners (convicts)
• People with disabilities