The fulfillment and protection of human rights cannot be achieved without access to efficient and high-quality legal aid. In reality, a critical proportion of the population do not have access to legal aid or such access has been significantly hampered due to poverty, low level of education, social exclusion, or discrimination. The inability to receive legal aid for the fulfillment of their individual rights under international and national legislation, entraps such individuals in a vicious circle of no escape and further exacerbates their vulnerability, marginalization and high social risk.

By upholding one of the basic principles of the legal profession that “no one should be left without legal aid due to poverty”, we are committed to high-quality legal aid. MYLA provides legal aid to the poor, victims of human rights violations and discrimination, asylum seekers, refugees, stateless persons and children. Legal aid includes the provision of legal information and legal advice, and if necessary, representation in litigation and administrative proceedings.

Free Legal Aid

Strategic Litigation


MYLA started producing documents shortly after it started providing legal aid and legal education. However, through legal aid and education, we have acquired relevant data and statistics that support our advocacy efforts and the interests and goals represented by the association. By drafting legal opinions, research and analysis, MYLA has become relevant in affecting public opinion on topics such as free legal aid, discrimination, asylum and migration, etc. We are part of working groups for complimentary amendments and adoption of new legal provisions, working bodies or national committees that manage programs and affairs such as human trafficking, protection of the rights of stateless persons, etc.

Legal Analyses

Legislation and Public Policies


Since the establishment of MYLA, one of the key activities is to provide legal education and training to young lawyers as one of the ways to strengthen their capacity and practical legal skills. In addition to training young lawyers, we provide appropriate training in the field of human rights to government institutions, judiciary, municipalities, lawyers, civil society organizations, as well as to citizens. MYLA’s legal education program is strategic and it includes modules focused on human rights protection and the fulfillment of the principle of the rule of law, as well as a systemic approach to organizing events. This improves the quality of our legal education activities to help our beneficiaries acquire knowledge and gain relevant practical skills.

Internship Program

Mentorship Program for Civil Society Organizations