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Македонско здружение на млади правници
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The fulfillment and protection of human rights cannot be achieved without access to efficient and high-quality legal aid. In reality, a critical proportion of the population do not have access to legal aid or such access has been significantly hampered due to poverty, low level of education, social exclusion, or discrimination. The inability to receive legal aid for the fulfillment of their individual rights under international and national legislation, entraps such individuals in a vicious circle of no escape and further exacerbates their vulnerability, marginalization and high social risk.

By upholding one of the basic principles of the legal profession that “no one should be left without legal aid due to poverty”, we are committed to high-quality legal aid. MYLA provides legal aid to the poor, victims of human rights violations and discrimination, asylum seekers, refugees, stateless persons and children. Legal aid includes the provision of legal information and legal advice, and if necessary, representation in litigation and administrative proceedings.

Free Legal Aid


Strategic Litigation


MYLA provides legal assistance in order to protect and ensure individual rights. In addition to the protection of individual rights, we aim to prompt a wider social change, especially when tackling systemic issues that affect a larger number of people through strategic litigation. By providing legal assistance in strategic cases, we seek to establish positive case-law for the fulfillment and protection of human rights, strengthen the asylum system or indicate the need to make changes to certain regulations or activities.


MYLA continuously strengthens the capacities of its employees and associates, as well as its internal procedures and policies. The legal aid that we provide is subject to a strict system of quality control and full compliance with generally accepted principles in the provision of legal aid. In order to ensure a high level of expertise and professionalism in the provision of legal aid, MYLA calls upon a large number of lawyers from almost all regions of the country. The following two teams of lawyers particularly stand out in the provision of legal aid regarding issues related to asylum and migration: