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(Extended deadline) Public call for (2) two consultants to prepare curriculum and deliver ToT on access to basic rights to foreigners

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Terms of reference – ToR

(2) Two Consultants to prepare curriculum and deliver Training for Trainers (ToT) on access to basic (social and economic) rights to foreigners

Background information

The Macedonian Young Lawyers Association – MYLA in partnership with the Group484, Serbia, Belgrade Center for Human Rights (BCHR), Serbia, Albanian Helsinki Committee (AHC), Albania, Civil rights program Kosovo (CRP/K), Kosovo, Your rights – Vasa Prava (VP), Bosnia and Hercegovina, Legal Center (LC) Montenegro as part of the regional network Balkan Refugee and Migration Council (BRMC) and Danish Refugee Council (DRC), office in Serbia  is implementing the regional project Inclusion of FOreigners in WB – accesS To social and Economic Rights (FOSTER) supported from the European Union.

In the EU reports, the situation in the Western Balkan countries is still marked with significant shortcomings in fulfilling the key political criteria. The region is in early stage of preparation of freedom of movement of workers and access to the labor market. With the Open Balkan initiative and the Berlin Process, it is expected that migration movements within the region will intensify. But although the institutional and legislative frameworks for the protection and promotion of human rights and freedoms and protection against discrimination are developed and mostly aligned with the EU legislation, in practice, ensuring equal opportunities, especially for foreigners and marginalized groups, remains challenging.

The action will strengthen the capacities of the CSOs and independent human rights institutions (IHRI) to contribute in policymaking, promotion and protection of human rights of foreigners and their inclusion into sustainable social and economic development of the WB region. CSOs will be empowered with knowledge and skills in developing and implementation national and regional projects and advocacy materials to improve the social and economic rights of vulnerable foreigners.

The objective of the action is to strengthen the alignment with EU human right principles through development of inclusive and non-discriminatory policies and effective inclusion practices for vulnerable foreigners as prerequisite for successful EU approximation process and sustainable development of WB region

Purpose and objectives of the assignment

It is envisaged that the project organizes and delivers (2) two Training of Trainers (ToT) to national teams composed of representatives of state institutions and CSOs from Western Balkans countries on protection and access to social and economic rights to vulnerable foreigners.

As a result its expected to strengthen and standardize the knowledge of the participants in the area of access and protection of fundamental rights of vulnerable foreigners, with special focus on economic and social rights.

The first training session will be dedicated in acquiring relevant knowledge and practical skills for the transfer of knowledge and understanding the importance of enabling access to fundamental rights, with focus on social and economic rights and services of foreigners.

The second training session will focus on existing and developed effective tools that familiarize vulnerable foreigners about access to basic rights, how to exercise these rights, obligations of the local authorities to create programs and strategies for inclusion of the foreigners in the community life and effective access to the services, the role of the IHRI, administrative and court bodies in protection of the rights, the content of rights for different categories of foreigners, inclusion of regular and irregular migration in the national and local strategies, availability of services to foreigners, effective measures to support access to services and integration of foreigners in local communities, the role of the IHRIs and CSOs in the protection of rights, community support, etc. Special attention will be dedicated to children, women, refugees, migrants, victims of GBV, SBV and trafficking, the multisectoral cooperation between institutions and cooperation with the CSOs in addressing and overcoming the challenges

MYLA seeks to engage 2 (two) consultants for:

  • Preparation of curriculum for ToT on access to social and economic rights for vulnerable foreigners
  • Deliver (2) three-day ToT for representatives of institutions and WB countries on access to social and economic rights for vulnerable foreigners (possible locations for ToT Montenegro and/or Serbia)

Moreover, in close consultation with the contractor the consultant shall:

  • Prepare pre and post-test / evaluation for participants and summarize the knowledge progress    
  • Prepare training evaluation and summarize result from the evaluation
  • Prepare and submit to the contractor short report after the completion of the trainings

Scope of work/tasks

In consultation with MYLA project team, the consultant shall:

  • Review relevant materials, policies, EU regulation, international standards, reports, data, case studies, etc relevant for enabling access to basic rights with focus on social and economic rights to third country nationals (foreigners), particularly vulnerable categories 
  • Prepare and develop training curriculum for ToT (topics to be agreed)
  • Prepare and develop detailed training plan, visuals and other materials for ToT
  • Prepare and propose relevant training materials for the ToT
  • Deliver 2 three-day trainings as agreed with MYLA (In-person training sessions)


Detail training plan prepared and approved

ToT curriculum drafted and approved

(2) two – three-day ToT organized

All tasks and deliverables will be produced/carried out in English language

Estimated timeframe

The timeframe for completion of the tasks is estimated between October 2023 – April 2024

Preparation of training plan, visuals and other materialsOctober 2023
Preparation of training curriculumNovember 2023
Preparation and sharing training materialsNovember 2023
Delivery of 1st three-day TrainingDecember 2023
Delivery of 2nd three-day TrainingMarch-April 2024

Nevertheless, the estimated timeline for completion of each of the tasks and deliverables is indicative and may/shall be revised in consultation with MYLA according to project needs and situation in the field.

Profile of the consultant

  1. Education and qualification (max 50 points)
  • Master degree in international studies, social science or related field (5 points)
  • Profound knowledge in human rights and migration related issues (10 points)
  • Knowledge of the EU policies and legislation on migration, asylum and third country nationals related issues (10 points)
  • Knowledge of applicable international standards and regulations on migration related issues (5 points)
  • Knowledge of the situation in the field in the Western Balkan region (5 points)
  • Familiarity with the relevant case law of the European Court of Justice and European Court on Human Rights (5 points)
  • Research in migration related issues (5 points)
  • Advanced knowledge of English language (5 points)
  1. Experience, communication and skills (max 50 points)
  • Minimum 10 years of professional experience in migration relate issues (10 points)
  • Experience in realization of tasks of similar nature and complexity (5 points)
  • Experiences as researcher and trainer on similar tasks (5 points)
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills (5 points)
  • Previous experience in capacity building activities for multisector environment ( CSOs and state institutions) (5 points)
  • Capacity to work across the sectors (5 points)
  • Ability to express ideas and thoughts clearly (5 points)
  • Ability to work under pressure in dynamic and changing environment (5 points)
  • Demonstrated integrity and ability to work with people of different background (5 points)

Financial information and engagement

TaskEngagement daysDaily rateTotal budget
Development of training curriculum[1]5 days420 EUR2100 EUR
Delivery of ToT 12*3 = 6 days600 EUR3600 EUR (
Delivery of ToT 22*3 = 6 days600 EUR3600 EUR
Total17 days 9300 EUR

The fees are expressed in GROSS amounts. These are the maximum amount for engagement of two (2) consultants and under no circumstances they shall exceed the stated amount.

The fees for ToT 1 and ToT 2 are for engaging minimum 2 consultants and shall be paid equally to each of the consultant.

The fee for training curriculum may be may be paid to only one of the consultant depending from the qualification and experience and if MYLA decides to select one of the consultants for this task i.e. preparation of training curriculum. 

Application process

For this call only physical persons can submit their applications. Applications from companies, natural persons and other entities will not be considered.

The applicants that meet the criteria from this call and have the necessary knowledge, experience and skills are invited to apply  by submitting  CV and cover page to Nazif Avdi at and Aleksandra Gruevska at In the subject of the email the applicants shall include “Expert and Curriculum for ToT training – Social and economic rights to foreigners”.

Applicants are also required to include their reference in their application (contact person, links of publication, or other evidence) of past performance of similar tasks, researches on the topic or other activities relevant to the topic.

The deadline for submission is 30th August 2023 10th September 2023.

The consultants may apply individually or a team of two, however MYLA reserves the right to select the best suitable candidate, i.e only one from the team that possess the best knowledge and experience. In such case the selected candidate will be invited to confirm its availability and readiness to work with other candidate

MYLA will contact and proceed with further communication only with the selected candidate/s for the job. No other information will be communicated with the other applicants.

In case when the candidate/s are selected but are not able to perform the tasks within the timeframe required or agreed with MYLA, have rejected the offer, late response from the candidate/s or other reasons that might imply difficulties in performing the tasks or delay in the implementation of these activities MYLA shall end the communication with the selected candidate/s. In such case MYLA shall proceed with the next suitable applicants for the work.

MYLA reserves the right to not select any of the applicants and/or repeat this call for consultants at its discretion without any notice.

[1] MYLA reserves the right for this task/work to select only one of the selected consultants


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