Call for INTERNATIONAL EXPERT to assist the preparation of training curriculum and provide training for front line workers

Terms of Reference
INTERNATIONAL EXPERT to assist the preparation of a training curriculum and provide training for frontline workers on selected topics

Numerous state institutions, international organizations and civil society organizations (CSOs) in the Republic of Macedonia play an important role in the protection of migrants and refugees. The country was significantly affected by the 2015/2016 refugee crisis. Communication and referrals between involved organizations and agencies and especially between front-line workers, have proved to be a key component in providing an integrated and effective response. In order to address the specific needs of different categories of vulnerable migrants and refugees, four (4) inter- agency Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) were established. The SOPs target the following categories: unaccompanied and separated children (UASC), victims of human trafficking, victims of sexual and gender based violence (SGBV), and extremely vulnerable individuals(EVIs).

This assignment aims to strengthen the implementation of the SOPs and improve the referral mechanisms through inter-agency capacity building activities for front-line
workers coming from all relevant state institutions and CSOs. Macedonian Young Lawyers Association (MYLA) was consulted and has provided expertise in the drafting of the SOPs and has established productive long-term cooperation with relevantstate institutions. Although the referral mechanisms have been established and provided for in the SOPs, the extent and the manner in which they are implemented and practiced, remains yet to be realized. It is essential to produce an overall and all-inclusive training program on the practical coordination and cooperation among the relevant institutions and organizations which act in the field of protection of migrants’ and refugees’ human rights. Carefully selected domestic and foreign experts will be engaged to develop a comprehensive training program with a quality application.

The expert is to help the national experts in developing training curriculums based on
one or several of the following training modules*:

  • Unaccompanied and separated children (UASC)
  • Victims of sexual and gender based violence(SGBV)
  • Extremely vulnerable individuals(EVIs)
  • Victims of human trafficking

(*One expert can apply for more than one topic)
During the development of the training curriculum the expert will closely cooperate with the project team and national experts. Based on the training curriculum, the international expert, together with the national expert will provide training to frontline workers. The project team will select the front-line workers working in relevant State institutions and CSOs who provide professional services and humanitarian aid.

The selected expert will have the following specific assignments:

  • Communicate with the project staff and other experts on the development of the training curriculums on one of the topics
  • Provide a training on a selected topic for front line workers (if more one than one topic is selected the expert will provide more trainings)

In coordination with the expert and the project team

The remuneration for the assignment will be additionally determined in accordance with USAID policies for selection of experts.

 Educational background in law, social science or humanrights;
 Experience in working on asylum, refugee and migrationissues;
 Relevant working experience on human rightsissues;
 Previous work experience on a similar assignment;
 Excellent communications and interpersonalskills;
 Excellent analytical and writing skills;
 Highly proficient in written and spoken English.

All interested candidates are required to submit a letter of interest stating for which of the modules you are applying and a CV, listing all relevant qualifications and
background to Macedonian Young Lawyers Association at with subject line: Application for international expert, by 20 October 2017.

You can view and download the call here ToR for International Expert